blogbirthday-01Has it really been a year?

This food blog started upon the prodding of my youngest sister. She knew that I was a woman with a mission: learn how to bake from scratch. After I received a brazo de mercedes lesson from my brother-in-law on Christmas Day 2013, I began 2014 by embarking on my baking experiments. My sister suggested that I document my experiments. When I was coming up with a name, I remember thinking how trigger-happy I get with my cameras and how I love to take pictures of anything and everything under the sun, especially food. SnapHappy Foodie was born.

Torn between protecting my privacy or sharing things with the public, I took it a step at a time, coming out and sharing my food adventures. Eventually, I attended my first bloggers meet-up. Surrounded by experienced bloggers who are so supportive of the food blogger newbie that I am, I slowly came out of my blogging shell. In a year, I met so many new people thanks to this blog.

I learned to bake desserts like cakes, cupcakes, cookies. . .even soufflés!

I ventured into bread-making.

I learned how to make some of my favorite Philippine breads and desserts like egg pie, pan de sal, ensaymada, etc.

I’ve shared different eating places, both old and new in Connecticut, New York and beyond.

I even tested new products sent to me to review!

What’s more, I discovered new food favorites!

We attended food events like the 22nd Annual Taste of Stamford, the 2014 Taste Trekkers Food and Travel Expo, the 2014 Chowdafest and the 2014 Connecticut Food Truck Festival.

All in all, the year has flown by so fast. What a ride! My big thanks goes out to:

  • my foodie partner-in-crime, my hubby Eugene. Always the first to read my blog posts even if he reads it from his phone. He always tells me that my pictures make him hungry. When we go to food events, he is the co-shutterbug and designated driver.
  • my family for being such willing taste testers of my Yummy Experiments. *thumbs up*
  • my friends – both online and offline – for reading this blog. Some of you ask me about the recipes, but I haven’t reached the point of developing my own baked recipes yet. Give me time! 🙂
  • you, my dear readers for visiting this blog. With so many food blogs out there, you choose to include this blog in your reading list.

Happy blog birthday, SnapHappy Foodie! Cheers!


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