Eating Out: Bobby Q’s Cue & Co. | Norwalk, CT

I love a good barbecue. I don’t care what style it is, whether it’s Memphis, the Carolinas, Texas or Kansas City, nor do I bother engaging in intricate debate which style is the best. Everyone else can debate to their hearts’ content. Just give me a good platter of cue and I’ll eat it; thank you very much. Barbecue is love. That’s all there is to it. I’m open to eating barbecue whether it’s from a hole-in-the-wall joint or a fancy restaurant.

Now I’ve heard about Bobby Q’s in Westport before, but bizarrely, we never made it there. So when I got invited to try the food at Bobby Q’s Cue & Co. in Norwalk’s Waypointe District, saying no didn’t even occur to me. Barbecue, you say? I’m down with that!

Here’s how it looks like inside the restaurant. It’s got a rustic charm to it, a sort of industrial farmhouse aesthetic that combines steel and wood yet it manages to exude a warm, welcoming feel.

Plus, I love the stars on the wall.

When our server came by for our drinks, I asked for her suggestion. This was what we got – their Red, White and Blue Sangria.

Red, White & Blue Sangria

It’s a blend of house red and white wines with apples and blueberries. Good thing we heeded her advice. The sangria was just on point!

After we pored over their menu, we agreed that we’d try the items from the Something Smoked section, a 1/4 lb. each of beef brisket, beef burnt ends, and St. Louis’ ribs. We thought of getting some appetizers, but decided against it since we were ordering a lot already. I did want to try their Deep-fried Pickle Chips and Jalapeno Corn Fritters, but that’s for another day.

From top left to bottom:
Brisket, Burnt Ends & St. Louis Ribs

Their brisket was so tender, you can cut it with your fork.


Here’s their very glorious burnt ends.

Beef Burnt Ends

Check out that good-looking ribs!

St. Louis Ribs

I ended up with the last piece. Yum!

For the sides, we chose their Grilled BBQ Street Corn and their Farmer’s Market Veggies (not in the picture below).

Grilled BBQ Street Corn

Once we finished all that meat, you’d think we’d be done, right? But noooo! I still wanted to try their pulled pork. I ordered a sandwich to share – Grady’s with pulled pork, slaw, onions, Grady’s Red Vinegar and Carolina Pucker sauces in a bun. You have to eat it quickly before the bun gets soggy from the sauces.


After eating so much barbecue, we still had room for this slice of indulgence. . .Southern Chocolate Cola Cake! Goodness, it was moist, rich and just plain decadent.

Southern Chocolate Cola Cake

Verdict: You know how sometimes when you eat a lot of food, there’s one that stands out because it’s awesome? It didn’t happen here. Every item we ate during our visit was delicious and worth the calories. Apart from the barbecue, I love the fact that Bobby Q’s offer reasonable serving sizes. Just because you have a slight craving for barbecue, it doesn’t mean you always want to pig out, right? Sometimes 1/4 lb. is simply enough to satisfy a barbecue craving. Even better, there is something for non-barbecue lovers on their menu. They have salads and flatbreads, plus a plant-based burger they call Beyond Meat.

The place is perfect for couples and groups. They have space for office parties. They also host trivia nights. Parking-wise, there’s limited metered street parking, as well as free parking in the garage across the restaurant.

What’s more, they try to stay on theme. Their background music is funky soul music, not country. They used steel and rustic woods in their interiors – very rustic industrial chic. Bobby Q’s Cue & Co. is a welcome addition to the Waypointe District. With their house-smoked, juicy hunks of meat, it’s truly a barbecue lover’s delight! 

Bobby Q’s Cue & Co.
11 Merwin Street Norwalk, CT

Disclaimer: I received an invitation for this free meal from Splash PR in exchange for writing a review on this blog. All opinions in this blog post are my own and my husband’s.