Eating Out: Paseo Rizal | Tanay, Rizal, Philippines

I’m a big fan of places that combine art and culture. . .which is why I enjoyed our visit to Cafe by the Ruins. Here’s another place that did just that – Paseo Rizal in Mayagay, Tanay, Rizal.

I read about Paseo Rizal online before, and then passed it during a road trip to Regina RICA. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t leave the Philippines without going to Paseo Rizal. On the Sunday before our flight back to the U.S. last month, I dragged my husband and three friends here. My husband made the reservations for our party of five.

When we got there, we were the first customers. Were reservations necessary? Well, I’d rather be certain that we have reservations than not.

There was live music that day, which I didn’t know about. Good food with live music? Bring it on! The two singers were a pleasure to listen to while we ate.

The photo below was taken inside Kalinangang Pilipino, the art gallery in the ground floor.

As for the food, it was family style, so we shared this Pork Sisig. It’s excellent to eat when you’re out drinking (or even when you’re not drinking) with friends as pulutan (appetizers or beer food).

Pork Sisig

Crispy Pata is deep-fried crispy pork knuckles.

Crispy Pata

Here’s their Pancit Mix – pancit bihon and canton, I think.

Pancit Mix

We also had Chopsuey, just to make sure that we ate our veggies. Chopsuey is a fairly common vegetable dish in the country.


Kangkong is water spinach. This dish below is Adobong Kangkong, a favorite of mine.

Adobong Kangkong

This is Crispy Tilapia.

Crispy Tilapia

For desserts, we had Mais con Hielo and Halo-halo. Mais con Hielo is basically corn kernels and milk with shaved ice. Yum!

Mais con Hielo

Halo-halo is a very popular Filipino dessert that has milk, shaved ice, ice cream and a whole caboodle of fruits, beans, tapioca pearls, etc. If you’re heading to any Filipino restaurant in the U.S., then make sure you try this.


Verdict: Paseo Rizal prides itself on providing “Art. Cuisine. Music.” They serve an all-Filipino family fare in a casual dining environment.

Listening to live music was a pleasure. Conversation, however, was impossible. It was easy to sing along and applaud the singers, but we moved from the main dining hall to one of the “gazebos” just so we can talk amongst ourselves. It’s not a gazebo in the proper sense of the word, but it’s the closest term I can think of. Where we hung out was high enough that we saw the Pililla Wind Farms in the distance. Despite growing up in a tropical country with beautiful beaches, I’m really a mountain gal so I truly enjoyed this visit. Sitting al fresco and enjoying the cool…nay, cold breeze surrounded by verdant rolling hills was perfect to me.

What’s not to love? With its vintage Filipino house setting that offers views of the Sierra Madre mountain range and a visually stimulating art gallery of various styles and mixed media, the place has quite an extraordinary display of talent – not just in the art gallery, but even in the live music. Paseo Rizal has that old style Philippine charm that juxtaposes art, cuisine and music, and does it well.

Paseo Rizal Mayagay <<< this is where we went!
Km 59 Marikina-Infanta Road, Sitio Mayagay
Tanay, Rizal

Paseo Rizal Morong
Ramos Blvd., Manila East Road, Maybancal
Morong, Rizal