SnapHappy Foodie

The Blog

SnapHappy Foodie began in 2014. It’s all about food – sweet, savory and everything in between, a personal hobby blog created and maintained by me, Cecilia. It began thanks to one book (The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking) that changed my view of baking. After trying so many recipes and taking pictures, this blog became the storehouse of my experiments resulting in a Baking/Cooking/Eating/Reading My Way kind of blog.

Who is this blog for?
If you love food,
If you don’t cook but like reading about food,
If you love to look at food pictures,
If you want to learn to cook,
If you know how to cook and on the look-out for new food to try,

Then this blog is for you.

Why “SnapHappy Foodie”?
I love to take pictures of food. I love to eat good food. I’m that person who takes pictures of their food before eating.

What’s in it for you?
Reviews + recaps + recipes. I’ll share what I think of cookbooks, movies, TV shows, events and restaurants, possibly even diets…anything food-related. I’ll also give you the 411 on food-related events that I attend.

Things are classified simply here in SnapHappy Foodie.

Eating Out – My husband and I love to eat out. We’ve got our favorite places to go, but we’re always ready and willing to try new eating places. It doesn’t matter if the price range is $ to $$$$$, if we hear the food’s good, we’ll try it out.

The Aftermath – We love to go to food festivals and events. Sampling so many different types of food in one place is just fun! I write and post pictures of our experience after the events.

Yummy Experiment – I love being in the kitchen. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and inventing new things. With this blog, I’ll share my adventures and misadventures in cooking.

Food Flashback – Similar to Throwback Thursdays, Food Flashback will feature the places where I’ve eaten and old pictures of food that I didn’t get to blog about before.

Media Finds – I love to read and watch movies and TV shows, especially when it’s about food. Any books or movies I’ve blogged so far, I bought on my own. I usually borrow the books from the library before buying them and watch the movies via Netflix, so I’m sure that it’s worth my money.

Time-tested – I’ve been cooking for the longest time, so I’ll share recipes that I actually use in our day-to-day eating.

Thanks for visiting!