Are you a Whovian? If you’re part of this fandom, then a visit to The Pandorica should definitely be in your to-do list.

My sister, the Whovian, brought us to this restaurant. I confess, we only started binge-watching Doctor Who this year thanks to Netflix. We’re on to season 4, so yay! Yeah, I’m getting there. Visiting this Doctor Who-themed restaurant was definitely fun.

Here’s how it looked like outside.




This is the Pandorica. I’ve no idea yet what it is, but I’ll surely find out soon enough.


Look at the TARDIS!


The Ood is one of those creatures from the show that freaked me out, so seeing this standing around made me feel iffy.


Haven’t seen this episode yet, but I’m curious why on earth is the TARDIS in the dino’s mouth? If you know, don’t tell me! I want to find out for myself!


This made me squeal with delight when I saw it! Pretty cool, right?


Ugh! The Daleks. I really don’t like them. Exterminate! Exterminate!


As for the food, hubby ordered Bangers and Mash with peas and a sage gravy served with house salad.


Here’s the house salad!


My sister had the Thymey Wimey Beef Cottage Pie described in the menu as “seasoned ground beef with peas and carrots in a savoury brown gravy topped with mashed potato and cheddar cheese”. I tasted it and it was good!


I had a Meatloaf sandwich, which was simply meatloaf on a roll with sliced pickle, lettuce, tomato and mayo. It came with potato chips and coleslaw.


Verdict: Whovians will definitely go gaga over this place. While you’re eating, there’s even an episode of Doctor Who playing in the background! Add to that the attention-getting wall decoration of an exploding TARDIS in what seemed like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Why was it exploding? Now I need to watch more episodes.

Happily, we got seated pretty quickly even without making a reservation. I’m pleased to see that the weakness of most themed restaurants – focusing too much on the theme, less on the food they serve – did not ring true at The Pandorica. Thankfully, the food we ate that night was pretty good. I have to admit though, I was more into looking around the restaurant than eating. We’ll return once we’ve watched the other seasons. And yes, we’d love to try the fish fingers and custard dessert next time.

The Pandorica
165 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508

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