A Greek restaurant in Baguio City? Who knew?

Last month, I went to Lemon and Olives with my mom, my sister, my husband and our little dog for lunch before heading to Mines View Park. The restaurant is hard to miss. It’s not on the main road, but as you can see, their signage is pretty conspicuous.

I thought we’d be seated outside in front with our little pup, but they brought us to the outdoor seating in the back. We didn’t even wait to be seated, so yay!

This was the view from where we sat. Not bad, right?

After taking one too many pictures of that view, we finally settled down to order our food.

Described as the “Parthenon of Greek appetizers” on Lemon and Olives’ menu, Poikilia showcases a tasty assortment of appetizers such as a Greek village sausage, spicy soutzouki sausage, saganaki cheese, tzatziki dip and pita bread.


Hubby and I ordered the same thing – Mixed Beef & Pork Souvlaki Plate!

Mixed Beef & Pork Souvlaki Plate

My mom ordered Grilled Tanigue with Garlic Sauce. Did you know that tanigue is Spanish mackerel?

Grilled Tanigue with Garlic Sauce

My sister had a very straightforward dish – Chicken Kebab.

Chicken Kebab

Verdict: If you’re looking for Greek food in Baguio City, chances are, Google will direct you to Lemon and Olives. Their food is a good introduction to Greek cuisine.

Their menu covers the classic dishes – gyros, souvlaki, kebab, pastitsio, moussaka, even spanakopita. They also have grilled octopus (chtapodi sti schara), believe it or not! I did notice giouvetsi, which is something I’ve never tasted before. I couldn’t order it though; it was a special order dish.

Since we do eat Greek food here in the U.S., Lemon and Olives’ flavors seem slightly underseasoned in comparison. Not that it’s a bad thing; it’s probably healthier that way. What’s more, since there aren’t a lot of Greek restaurants in the area, it’s a great thing that Lemon and Olives is around when you’re craving Greek food in Baguio.

Lemon and Olives
26 Outlook Dr S
Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines


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