Finlandia® Imported Butter

Finlandia® Imported Butter

For a very short and sweet period in my life, I avoided butter like the plague no thanks to the fear of saturated fat. Brummel and Brown Yogurt Spread became my best friend in the absence of real butter.

Then the tide of public opinion about butter suddenly shifted thanks to current medical research. Butter is no longer bad…no longer an enemy. After watching numerous food documentaries and reading food articles, the decision was clear: I’d rather have a small amount of the real thing than huge amounts of substitutes. Yay! Butter was officially back in my life! I started baking and there was no way that I’ll use butter substitutes.

finlandialogoNow you’ve probably heard of Finlandia, a popular cheese brand here in the U.S. When I was contacted about Finlandia® Imported Butter, I was more than willing to test it out, so I agreed to receiving free samples of both Perfectly Salted and Unsalted versions in 7-ounce blocks.

Mind you, I haven’t bought salted butter in a long time because I use unsalted butter in most of my baking experiments.


The Perfectly Salted has pasteurized cream and salt, while the Unsalted has pasteurized cream and culture. Just two simple ingredients for each version.


Recognizable ingredients? Check!
No rBST hormones? Check!
Non-GMO ingredients? Check!

I used the unsalted version when I ate a slice of my home-baked Crusty White Sandwich Loaf. I’ve no idea how to slather the butter beautifully, so apologies for that.


If you’ve heard about BulletProof coffee, I found out that Finlandia® Imported Butter is added to BulletProof coffee! I’ve never tried this myself, but it’s supposedly “a hit with fans for offering caffeine, filling calories and a healthy fat to fuel your busy morning.” If you’re brave enough to try that, go for it and feel free to leave a comment here. I don’t know whether it’s the salted or unsalted version used for coffee.

I think this butter is actually cultured butter (butter common in Europe), NOT sweet cream butter common here in the U.S. But I have to do more research to see if I’m right.

How does this butter taste compared to the other butter we have here at home? It was sweeter, creamier and tastier…possibly because the ingredients are as simple as possible.

Disclaimer: A representative for Finlandia® Imported Butter contacted me to review this product. I received samples in exchange for writing a review on the blog. All opinions are my own.


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