The Aftermath: 22nd Annual Taste of Stamford (Part 1) | Stamford, CT

The Aftermath: 22nd Annual Taste of Stamford (Part 1) | Stamford, CT

Last Thursday, hubby and I attended the 22nd Annual Taste of Stamford sponsored by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce at the Marriott Stamford Hotel & Spa. After reading and hearing positive feedback from previous years’ attendees, we prepped ourselves big time for what was going to be an evening of gastronomic delights.

By the way, this recap is in two parts, so as not to overwhelm you with photos.


Upon entering the exhibition hall, we were greeted by the folks from the Inn at Longshore.


We sampled their delicious Steak Frite over Homemade Sweet Potato Chip with Herbed Goat Cheese.


They also had these Mini Maine Lobster Rolls with Chives. I love lobster rolls! These were about half the size of regular lobster rolls, so you don’t end up stuffing your face with it. Just enough to tease you until summer comes.


They also had a Homemade Pickle Bar. Since I’m a big fan of pickled vegetables, this was a big hit with me. Their crisp pickled vegetables included carrots, snow peas, beets, parsnips and cucumbers. Crunchy and delicious!


Afterwards, we met Mr. Ed Freeman of Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters who offered samples of his Brazilian coffee.


Now here’s Villa Italia Ristorante‘s Chef Neil Vitiello with his team.


We sampled Villa Italia Ristorante‘s Tortellini Della Nonna, a perfect pasta comfort food, if you ask me.


Among the exhibitors that night was six-time World Pizza Champion and celebrity chef Mr. Bruno DiFabio of Amore Cucina & Bar.


Their Wood-fired Meatball in a Simple Tomato Marinara came with a piece of very delicious bread. We haven’t been to his restaurant yet, but after tasting this sample, we should really visit soon!


After that, we hopped on to Bar BQ Saloon‘s table and polished off this little plate with Pulled Pork, Beef Burnt Ends and Coleslaw. They had different sauces, but I left mine bare.


Here is the group from David’s Soundview Catering.


Their Jerk Chicken over Coconut Rice with Black Bean Salsa was pretty good, especially when paired with Guava Rum Punch.


Next stop? The Little Gourmet Shop! I’ve read about ramen burgers, but it was our first time to try Beef Ramen Slider. Two bites and it was gone!


If it seems like there was too much food, then wait till you see my next post. There’s more to come!



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