My older sister celebrated her birthday today, so our family met up for brunch at The Tomato Cafe in Fishkill, NY. It’s not our first time to eat there, but it’s the first time I’m posting about that place.

One thing I love about The Tomato Cafe is that they have so many choices, but not too much as to overwhelm. I ended up ordering the Café BLT ($7.75) described as: “Another classic favorite, served on toasted Peasant bread, whole wheat or sourdough rye with grilled tomato, romaine lettuce, applewood smoked bacon and a side of mayo”.

Cafe BLT
Cafe BLT

For dessert, everyone wanted fried dough. If you ask me, there’s really no way to mess up fried dough.

Fried Dough

Unfortunately, the place was fairly full that day so we ended up occupying two tables. When dessert time came, we just squished ourselves in one booth because let’s face it, it’s more fun that way. The owner did come by, all concerned that we were uncomfortable (we weren’t).

I already know that I’m ordering The Cafe’ Mozzarella Sandwich next time, so a return visit is in order.

The Tomato Cafe
1123 Main Street Fishkill, NY 12524

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