Wasn’t it just yesterday when SnapHappy Foodie turned one? Now this blog has turned, not a terrible two, but potentially a terrific two!

For those who are curious, blogging really isn’t for the faint-hearted. Most days, you feel like you’re in a room all alone, talking to yourself, wondering if someone, anyone, is reading what you write and thinking if it makes a difference out there, especially since I spend so much time with my posts, making sure each post have good photos.

I completed another year of eating, cooking, baking and blogging. Admittedly, I went on hiatus for a brief period after my dad died last August. I didn’t want to blog, bake or attend foodie events. Nothing made sense. Eventually though, I went back. Then I started thinking seriously about this blog. What kinds of posts are worth your time? I value my own time immensely, so I value yours too.

If your reason to visit my blog is to look at my food pictures, then you already made me happy. But if reading my blog whets your appetite enough to try the places I wrote about, then I nailed my goal of spreading the word about good food.

Here’s a quick trip down memory lane: my top five favorite posts from the past year. Looking back on them, these places are very specialized and unique, but not necessarily fancy and expensive. Enjoy!

1. The Pandorica

I was clueless what Pandorica was when we went here. I hadn’t even watched Doctor Who that much. Now that I’m caught up on the episodes, it would be nice to go back.


Eating Out: The Pandorica | Beacon, NY

2. Tea with Tracy

As a big tea fan, this place was a big hit with me the first time I went here with my sisters. Since Mrs. Bridges’ Pantry is quite a long drive from where I live, Tea with Tracy was definitely an awesome find.


Eating Out: Tea with Tracy | Seymour, CT

3. Donut Crazy

For me, there are donuts, and then there are donuts from Donut Crazy, and if I’m going to have a cheat day, then it better be worth it. Driving 45 minutes each way is no biggie when I’m craving a Donut Crazy donut. (mmm…maple bacon donut!)

Three donuts for the two of us!
Three donuts for the two of us!

Eating Out: Donut Crazy | Shelton, CT

4. Hoodoo Brown

I waited so long for the opening of this barbecue place in neighboring Ridgefield! It was so worth the wait. They do barbecue, especially pork belly, right.


Eating Out: Hoodoo Brown BBQ | Ridgefield, CT

5. Rocky Point Clam Shack

Ever been to a seafood shack located in a parking lot? I was surprised by its location, but the food itself won me over. Just look at this beautiful buttery lobster roll. Definitely worth going back for.

Rocky Point Amazing Lobster Roll sauteed in real Cabot butter
Rocky Point Amazing Lobster Roll sauteed in real Cabot butter

Eating Out: Rocky Point Clam Shack | Warwick, RI

I continued with my baking experiments and learned how to make Apple Pear Bread, Eggnog Pound Cake, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and Challah Bread Pudding. I even added the Subscribe by Email feature, a feature long requested by some.

We attended food events like the Weston Magazine Party hosted by The Weston Magazine Group at the Maserati of Westport, Westchester Magazine’s 5th Wine and Food Festival in Valhalla, NY and the 2015 Greenwich Wine + Food Festival.

So far, the best part is staying at Saybrook Point Inn’s Tall Tales Guesthouse and attending Homage to Fromage.

Another year has flown by so fast. What a ride!

My big thanks goes out to you, my dear readers, for visiting this blog. Some of you ask me about the baking experiments. It’s really both flattering and scary because I’m still learning as I go along. With so many food blogs out there, you find time to read this blog. Thanks so much for being part of the ride.

Happy blog birthday, SnapHappy Foodie! Cheers!


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