We have eaten at Nyonya in Little Italy many times, but those times were way before I started this blog. That’s why I’m blogging about them today after we had lunch there earlier.

I wish I can say today’s visit was excellent overall. The food lived up to expectations, of course, but the service was a little spotty. We were seated in 10 minutes’ time, which is a good thing. But we waited for almost 30 minutes before someone even asked us what we wanted to drink. Trust me, we were hungry and thirsty coming all the way from Connecticut. At first, I didn’t mind sitting near the aisle where foot traffic was a-plenty, but when you’re waiting while hungry and thirsty, at some point, patience really wears thin. It was a good thing that our server was pretty gracious and apologetic, so I was gracious as well.

Anyway, here’s what we ate today.

Roti Canai

Kang Kung Belacan

Beef Rendang

Masak Lemak


We weren’t feeling the love that day at Nyonya, but given we’ve had good experiences there before, I’ll just take it as an off-day.

199 Grand Street New York, NY 10013

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