You can now subscribe to my blog, SnapHappy Foodie via e-mail!

So many people have asked me for this feature, but it took a winter storm to give me the time to figure it out today. It turns out that I had the plugin for it all along. Thanks, Jetpack by!

How does it work? Check out the image below. See the arrow and the box? That’s where you plug in your e-mail address. It wouldn’t even take you a minute to do that.


After clicking SUBSCRIBE NOW, you’ll receive a message on the blog that it was a success. Hop on over to your e-mail inbox. You’ll get an e-mail like the one below. Click CONFIRM FOLLOW.


You’ll receive another e-mail confirming your subscription.


This window will also open at some point. Click SAVE CHANGES.


There you have it, an easy way to follow this blog. I just want to make sure that you’re kept in the loop.

Fellow bloggers, I hope you found this useful for your own blogs!

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