I have always found the idea of having a well-tended little garden a very charming idea. Whether it’s a garden with herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables, it seems a throwback to an earlier lovely time when people surround themselves with nature. They work with the soil, look after the plants and yes, harvest the produce from their own gardens. They knew how to work with nature and ended up all the better for it. I find it pretty sad that most of us know so little about how our food is produced.

When the weather started warming up this year, the desire to have a little garden in our deck kicked in again. Sure, we have the space in the back of our place for an actual garden, but I don’t know yet if I have the green thumb for such an endeavor. I wanted to try container gardening first. Of course, indoor plants have survived under my care, but outdoor gardening just seemed like a staggering task. I don’t even know where to begin!

After reading up on gardening and yes, feeling overwhelmed, I dragged my husband to the nearby farm and bought these little babies. I didn’t want analysis paralysis to kick in. I just wanted to go for it and I did!

I planned to buy a tomato plant. That’s all. They sold different types of tomatoes, but I chose their Brandywine tomato plant because the name reminded me of Brandywine River in “Lord of the Rings”. Not because I like the taste or know how to take care of it. Just went by pure instinct.

Brandywine Tomato Plant

Then one of the farm workers showed me their herbs. Boy, they had so many! Some of them smelled so fragrant; I was tempted to buy one of each. I ended up buying four – basil, mint, parsley and cilantro. I use those herbs often, so having them will be very cost-effective in my cooking.

Basil, Mint, Parsley and Cilantro

Now that our deck has herbs and tomato, I want to buy the Topsy Turvy Pepper Planter. We both love hot peppers, so I’m sure that we’ll definitely use those in our food.

Right now though, I’m definitely happy with my little garden out in our deck.

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