This is a non-food blog post, but since I sent Ello invites to fellow bloggers, I thought I’d share what I know about using Ello so far.

Ello is still in beta stage. It’s not Facebook, so using it is a bit tricky. They welcome and encourage questions, comments and feature requests, so we can just e-mail them at

Now here’s what I know so far.

How do I join Ello?
You either get an invite or request an invite. In my case, I got invited. If you want to request an invite, you can do it here on their home page. Click REQUEST INVITATION.

After you get invited, then what?
You and whoever invited you are automatically Ello friends.

How many invites can I send out?
Five. Use it wisely.

How do I know more about Ello?
Click ABOUT. You’ll see WTF in the profile pic that made me laugh. Anyway, here’s where you’ll find out what’s Ello, who created it, what their manifesto is, how they have no ads, what their beta features are, how they use information and something about press requests.

Check out their FEATURES LIST too. Most importantly, “Questions, comments, and feature requests are highly encouraged.” Yay! Just e-mail them at

What’s that black smiley face without eyes?
When you click on it, it brings you to the Ello news feed. You’ll see who’s following you, who you’re following + status updates from you and your friends.

How do I find friends?
Clicking DISCOVER should be the way to do so, right? But as I write this, it doesn’t work for me. What works is typing[username]. Just ask your friends what their usernames are. It’s still all manual, so I hope they’ll fix it soon. When your friends accept your invitation, you can indicate whether they’re FRIEND (yay!) or NOISE (ouch!).

Clicking SETTINGS lead you to your profile. It’s straightforward.

How do I update my status?
Look for that black dialogue box with “Say Ello”. Click on it and type away.
At the bottom of the box on the right, you have options like UPLOAD, CANCEL and POST. Click POST when you’re happy with your status update.

How do I “like” a status?
Good question. I don’t know yet. Sorry!

How can I comment?
Below your friend’s status, look for the “. . .” button. That’s for comments.

How do I log out?
Click SETTINGS. You’ll find LOGOUT on the right side of your screen below your header image.

How do I find you in Ello?
@snaphappyfoodie. Or you can look me up manually,

Hope that helps. I’ll just update this post when I discover more. See you in Ello!

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