Nothing says summer time like eating a delicious cup of rich and sinful ice cream on a hot weather day. In the spirit of sharing, I came up with this list of ice cream places that serve decadent ice cream. Yes, I volunteered as tribute in this hunger-for-ice-cream game. If you’re looking for something to do on a summer weekend, why not go for an ice cream ride?

Are you ready to indulge your sweet tooth and tempt your taste buds? Here’s my list of amazing ice cream spots in Connecticut!

1. Ferris Acres Creamery | Newtown, CT

We’ve been going to Ferris Acres ever since we moved to Fairfield County in 2003. I love, love, love their Campfire ice cream with vanilla ice cream, fudge swirls, graham cracker pieces and mini marshmallows. Just typing it out makes me want to have some! It’s seriously a favorite of mine. It’s excellent that we live close enough to Ferris Acres. Unfortunately, the queue is always unbelievably long nowadays, but we found the solution to that. Go during off-peak hours!

2. UConn Dairy Bar | Storrs, CT

UConn students are so lucky for having the UConn Dairy Bar on campus! I’d probably hang out there if I was studying there. While this is quite a drive from Danbury, it’s definitely worth the trip. Their Husky Tracks is yum!

3. Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream Shop | Bethel, CT

Dr. Mike’s is an excellent source of delicious ice cream in nearby Bethel. They’ve been around since 1975. Some days, we actually just bike there to get our ice cream fix. Try Chocolate Lace and Rich Chocolate when you have the chance.

4. Wells Hollow Creamery | Shelton, CT

Wells Hollow Farm is very accessible via Route 8, the Merritt Parkway and Interstate 95. It’s a bit of a drive for us, but with such heavenly ice cream, why not?

Here’s a picture of their Cow Tippin’ and Cappuccino Crunch. Cappuccino Crunch is “Coffee ice cream with a dark chocolate spiral and toffee pieces.” Cow Tippin’ is “Creamy vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate covered caramel cows.”

5. Sweet Ashley’s | East Norwalk, CT

This family-owned ice cream shop has been around for more than 20 years. We usually go here after we go to Overton’s Seafood in Norwalk, CT. Chocolate Malted Crunch ice cream, anyone?

6. Holy Cow Ice Cream Shop | Newtown, CT

This place opened in 1969, originally called the Newtown Ice Cream Shop. In 2009, new owners took over and gave it a new name – Holy Cow. After eating their Rocky Road and Dinosaur Tracks ice creams, I get why their name is Holy Cow!

7. Ashley’s Ice Cream | New Haven / Hamden / Branford / Guilford / Madison, CT

Ashley’s Ice Cream was founded in 1979 on College Street in New Haven close to Yale University. They currently have five locations, so you have plenty to choose from. Look at the size of their ice cream scoops. Whoa!

8. Mortensen Dairy Ice Cream | Newington, CT

Mortensen Dairy Ice Cream was a surprising find for us. After trying out a new ramen place, we wanted something sweet and discovered Mortensen. We went there, tasted their very creamy Brazilian Coffee and Milk Chocolate ice creams, and lived to tell the very sweet tale.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it’s a great start. If you’re ready to treat yourself to scoops of divine ice cream, here’s a map I made to get you on your way. This trail is definitely an ice cream lover’s delight! Remember, ice cream is always perfect for whatever ails you.


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