Eating Out: Sincere Café and Restaurant | Quezon City, Philippines

Eating Out: Sincere Café and Restaurant | Quezon City, Philippines

Sincere Café and Restaurant in Quezon City. How could we have not known about this place is a mystery that boggles my mind.

Hubby and I were driving around and stumbled upon Sincere Café and Restaurant at Banawe Street in Quezon City, Philippines. Turns out they’ve been around forever. Well, to be more accurate, Sincerity Café and Restaurant in Binondo, Manila has been around forever. Sincere Cafe is an off-shoot of that. Sincerity in Binondo has a decades-long history that I won’t get into because I’m sure that it’s detailed elsewhere on the Internet. I just want to share what we ate when we went there.

We tried three of their popular dishes: Sincerity Fried Chicken, Sincerity Chami and the 8 Treasures Machang.

What can I say about Sincerity Fried Chicken? It was different from any fried chicken I’ve eaten before. Different in a really, really good way. Let me put it here that I’m sad because we can’t get their fried chicken delivered to our place – we don’t live near the restaurant.

Sincere Café and Restaurant Fried Chicken
Sincerity Fried Chicken

Sincerity Chami is a noodle dish made from miki noodles, a kind of fresh egg noodles.

Sincere Café and Restaurant Chami
Sincerity Chami

8 Treasures Machang is good ol’ sticky rice wrapped in (what I guess are) bamboo leaves. It’s called 8 Treasures because it’s made up of eight ingredients: dried scallops, chicken, pork, dried shrimp, abalone, Chinese sausage, peanuts and chestnuts.

Sincere Café and Restaurant Machang
8 Treasures Machang

As much as the Sincerity Chami and 8 Treasures Machang were tasty dishes, Sincere Café and Restaurant’s strength lies in their Sincerity Fried Chicken. I admit, I take fried chicken for granted, but when I tasted their fried chicken, I knew it was something special. It was seasoned to perfection, so you’ll definitely savor each bite.

When I messaged my younger sister that hubby and I were at this restaurant, her reply was, “GREAT CHICKEN OMG”. It was followed by “LOVE SINCERITY”. That’s also the best thing I can say.

Sincere Café and Restaurant
549 Banawe corner Samat Street
Quezon City, Philippines

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