Movie Finds thanks to Fandor’s “Food, Glorious Food!” Collection

Movie Finds thanks to Fandor’s “Food, Glorious Food!” Collection

After Thanksgiving, I decided to take a break on the blog front and social media, and from the corresponding eating that goes with having a food blog. I’m simply bracing myself for even more good eats this month what with the holidays upon us.

Luckily, I learned about Fandor and their “Food, Glorious Food!” collection of. . .what else?. . .food films!

What’s Fandor? It’s a movie streaming subscription service for “unique and entertaining independent films”. You can choose between $7.50/month or $10/month.

I watched the movies using Chromecast on our TV. I created a Movie List to keep all the movies in the collection in one place, so I can access and watch them easily. Of the seventeen movies in that collection, I found only four in Netflix.

Don’t worry, Fandor isn’t just about food films. They have different genres too. It definitely made it easier to eat with my eyes, not with my mouth. Of course, while watching the movies and afterwards, I do end up hungry because the food in the movies looked so good!

Disclaimer: A representative for Fandor contacted me to review this service. I received a free subscription to view the films in this collection. All opinions are my own.

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