Yummy Experiment #43: Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummy Experiment #43: Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was up late last night and couldn’t sleep. Off I headed down to our kitchen, donned my apron and decided to make some cookies.

Last year, when I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies for the first time, I spent an unholy amount of time comparing so many recipes. This time around, I just went with the recipe on the back of the bag of Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips. Why make it difficult? In the first place, this was meant to keep me away from social media when I can’t sleep. Happily enough, by the time I was done baking these batch of cookies, our place smelled so good. Not a bad way to fall asleep. Unlike my attempt at chocolate chip cookies, I followed this recipe to a T, not even halving the ingredients.




Crisp edges and a soft center. Mmmm. . .it was fluffy too! Just perfect with a glass of milk. Of course, hubby woke up and ate some too!

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