Food Finds: Mendokoro Ramenba’s Take Home Ramen Kits

Food Finds: Mendokoro Ramenba’s Take Home Ramen Kits

Missing out on your ramen fix ever since community quarantine began? That’s how I’ve been feeling since March. But thank goodness for a sister who loves food as much as I do, she tipped me off about Mendokoro Ramenba‘s Ramen Kits. Admittedly, I haven’t been to Mendokoro Ramenba’s branches in Makati and BGC because I’m a Q.C. person who avoids the traffic jams elsewhere. Yet with Mendokoro Ramenba’s Ramen Kits, there is hope. I can finally have ramen!

How to order?

It was a pretty easy and painless process, which I really appreciate. I completed the Take Home Ramen Kit Order Form. Then I received confirmation both via e-mail and phone. That was it! I ordered on Sunday afternoon, and it was delivered yesterday. Now it’s time to share what I ordered!

Presenting. . . Mendokoro Ramenba’s Take Home Ramen Kits!

Take Home Ramen Kits

I ordered all four ramen variants – Shio, Shoyu, TanTanMen and Super Chashu. As of this writing though, we haven’t eaten the Super Chashu yet, but I will update tomorrow. I was just too excited to blog about it tonight!

Everything was properly labeled with easy cooking instructions and vacuum-sealed ingredients.

My order also came with chopsticks and napkins.

TanTanMen was the first one we tried yesterday. My order arrived literally minutes after we were finished eating lunch. But it seemed a waste not to eat it immediately, so hubby and I shared this.


Today, we tried their Shio and Shoyu Ramen. Hubby polished off this filling Shio Ramen. . .

Shio Ramen

. . . while I took my sweet time and relished this hearty bowl of Shoyu Ramen.

Shoyu Ramen

Verdict: Let it be known that I’m probably biased towards ramen because come on, it’s ramen! I really love a good steaming bowl of soup (as evidenced here).

Anyway, Mendokoro Ramenba’s Ramen Kits had everything properly labeled, something I highly appreciate. It even indicates when it was prepared and when you have to eat it by. As for the cooking instructions, it’s as easy as they come, which kinda feels like you’re preparing instant ramen. But after tasting it, the notion that it’s instant ramen goes out the window quickly. Then you know Mendokoro Ramenba just made it easy for us, their customers, to DIY it at home. The secret really lies in their ramen broths. (Oh, and note to self: tell them not to add chopsticks and napkins. We have those at home anyway.)

Kudos to Mendokoro Ramenba for coming up with these Take Home Ramen Kits! Happily, hubby and I finally had ramen. Once we can eat out again, we’ll definitely visit either their Makati or BGC branch to compare the quality onsite versus what we tasted from their kits. Funny how we ended up tasting their food before we even ventured to their restaurant!


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