Eating Out: K&L Cafe | Quezon City, Philippines

Eating Out: K&L Cafe | Quezon City, Philippines

K&L Cafe’s presence in White Plains, Quezon City hopes to accomplish a simple goal: “Bringing Baguio City Closer To You”. K&L Cafe is the spin-off project of sisters Karen and Loren who grew up in Baguio City, started Blushing Cupcakes Cafe, and now wants to make Baguio’s tastes and treats accessible to us folks here in Manila. After all, Baguio City is a 4-5-hour drive from Quezon City, so why not?

Baguio City is one of my favorite places here in the Philippines. We’ve had a family vacation house there ever since I was yea high, so I remember how it was way before the city became so overly developed. That’s why I became curious about this restaurant and decided to go here for Sunday brunch with my mom and my hubby.

Now what did we get to eat that day?

Our server suggested that we try their Famous Strawberry Calamansi, so I did! It was a lovely refreshing mix of sweet and citrusy.

K&L Cafe | photo by SnapHappy Foodie
Famous Strawberry Calamansi

Hubby ordered their Longanisa Up North. By “up north”, they meant Baguio and Vigan longanisa. In case you were wondering, longanisa refers to Filipino sausages stuffed into casings made from fresh pork intestines (even though there are skinless longanisas as well). Anyway, there are various iterations of longanisa per region and per province. You just have to keep traveling all over the Philippines to taste them all. Now what’s the difference between Baguio and Vigan longanisa? Baguio longanisa is a sweet longanisa, while Vigan longanisa is garlicky.

K&L Cafe
Longganisa Up North

My mom ordered Glazed Pork Tocino, a Filipino cured meat typically eaten for breakfast.

K&L Cafe
Glazed Pork Tocino

I ordered their Hungry Hungarian. Not really sure what’s the connection of Hungarian sausages with Baguio City, but I have noticed Hungarian sausages in the menus of some restaurants in Baguio City. I wonder if there’s a story behind that?

K&L Cafe
Hungry Hungarian

If you’re curious about their food, then you can check out their menu!

Verdict: When we went there on a Sunday, thankfully, we managed to get a parking spot easily, but the place was pretty crowded, so getting a table proved tricky. The three of us ended up sitting at this little square table possibly meant for two, which I wasn’t so happy about. But my mom and my hubby were alright with it, so that’s good. The food we ate that day were all pretty hearty. In fact, I I still have plans to return, so I can try their Sinigang na Bagnet with Strawberries and Longanisa Bagnet Pizza. It’s a good place to eat a good meal and spend time with family and friends.  Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to get better seats next time.

K&L Cafe
138 Katipunan Road
Quezon City, Philippines

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