Food Finds: Lunchbox Diet | Quezon City, Philippines

Food Finds: Lunchbox Diet | Quezon City, Philippines

What’s Lunchbox Diet?

It’s a food delivery service here in Metro Manila. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and delivery. They deliver meals daily at your doorstep.

Here’s how much their low-calorie meals cost for five days:
1200 calories – ₱1,700
1500 calories – ₱2,000
1800 calories – ₱2,300
2000 calories – ₱2,500

To find out how Lunchbox Diet works, you can find the information here.

You pay by depositing money at either BDO or BPI. Once you’ve paid, you e-mail them a picture of the deposit slip, including the branch, time and date of payment.

Another year, another food delivery service to try. (In case you missed my post about Happy Diet Delivery, you can find it here.)

My husband and I decided to try Lunchbox Diet’s 1200-calorie meals for four days (Jan 2 was a holiday, after all). It’s probably too low calorie for my husband, but he just wanted to try it. We paid ₱1,350 each. Unlike my husband, I requested no olives or celery (not a big fan of those two).

Anyway, here’s what we ate for four days.

Breakfast: Breakfast Sausage & Scrambled Eggs + Sliced Wheat Bread
Snack: Fit Bar
Lunch: Nacho Crusted Fish Fillet with Corn Salsa + Brown Rice
Snack: Yogurt
Dinner: Autumn Porkloin

Our food for the first day came inside two cute brown bags – one for me, one for hubby. My menu actually had my name printed on it, including “(No Olives, Celery)”. More on this later.

First delivery!

After I unpacked the food from the brown bag, here’s what I got.

Day 1

This is how the food looked like.

Day 1

The food seems helter-skelter, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. It was the first day, after all. Maybe the food got thrown about during delivery. The Autumn Porkloin looked rather flimsy with what little rice there were. In fairness, the food tasted pretty good.

Breakfast: Banana Oatmeal Muffin made with Australia Harvest Whole Rolled Oats + Black Coffee
Snack: Trail Mix
Lunch: Oven Baked Chicken BBQ with Buttered Vegetables + Brown Rice
Snack: Apple Slices
Dinner: Parmesan Baked Fish Fillet with Gremolata + Brown Rice

Day 2

Today’s breakfast came with black coffee. Since I’m not quite a coffee drinker (I’m more of a tea gal), I didn’t drink it. Both chicken and fish were pleasant and tasty, but I preferred the chicken. The best part of this day’s meal? The muffin! It was tender and nutty. I like it!

Breakfast: Three Mushroom Chicken Congee
Lunch: Classic Meatball Pasta
Snack: Jalapeno Corn Loaf + Tea
Dinner: Ground Pork & Shredded Vegetables w/ Peanut Sauce + Brown Rice

Day 3

The congee was pretty hearty and savory for breakfast.

The unassuming Classic Meatball Pasta came well-seasoned with two pieces of meatballs. The ground pork dish came with peanut sauce, which I slathered all over the pork and veggies, then mixed in the rice. It kinda reminded me of bibimbap.

Breakfast: Ham & Cheese Egg Fluff with Whole Wheat Pandesal + Black Coffee
Lunch: Roast Beef with Buttered Vegetables & Mashed Potato
Snack: Brownies
Dinner: Maple Bourbon Chicken + Brown Rice

Day 4

Breakfast, lunch and snack was pretty uneventful. Ham and cheese egg fluff with pandesal was pretty good. Once again, I didn’t drink the black coffee. The roast beef with veggies and mashed potato that came in separate containers tasted legit. However, when dinner time came, I noticed olives.

Day 4

I compared it with what my husband got. Both containers had olives. Even if I requested specifically no olives, no celery. (See picture below. My food is the one on the right.) I didn’t throw the olives away though. I gave them to my husband who happily eats olives on my behalf. However, my request was ignored. Tsk tsk.

Verdict: Some friends have tried Lunchbox Diet, which was one of the reasons I was curious enough to try them.

Their food is priced lower than the service I tried before. Their food is tastier. But. . .

They delivered our food the day before consumption. Granted, the website tells you that same-day delivery is only for those people in the Ayala/Makati District, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas Center Business District. Considering they’re located in Quezon City, I don’t understand why same-day delivery isn’t possible. What’s more, the delivery window was anytime from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., which means you block off a 7-hour time frame to wait for delivery. A no-no for us. Since we’re visiting the country, we have places to go and people to meet. Time is valuable. 7 hours is too long to wait for delivery. What’s more, if you’re interested in this service and live alone, then who’ll receive your food? Not all households have hired help.

As for the snacks, only days 1 and 2 had two snacks; days 3 and 4, just one. If you eat the regular meals and snack in between, what other snack can you have? You’ll definitely go over 1200 calories.

As for their customer service, they reply to texts in a friendly manner. Strangely though, they wanted separate phone numbers for my husband and me when I placed our orders. What else? I love the brown paper bags. So cute! Just like with Happy Diet, the plastic containers bothered me, so when it’s time to eat, I move the food to proper plates.

I placed another order for my husband and me for this week. My main beef with them is mostly with delivery and the 7-hour wait time. But for PhP340 a day, I might as well give them another chance this week.

Lunchbox Diet
100 A Scout Lozano, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines
+63 2 372 9543 or +63 917 809 3196

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