Food Finds: Amanda’s Oven | Quezon City, Philippines

Food Finds: Amanda’s Oven | Quezon City, Philippines

Amanda’s Oven is all about “inspired creations by sugar artist and buttercream florist Jinky Yamsuan”, which has been featured in Inquirer before (see here).

Today, I thought of her baked goods, which made me look back at the old photographs I’ve taken of her sweet treats. Seeing the pictures led me to write this blog post. What a domino effect!

I discovered Amanda’s Oven back in 2018 when I was looking for a tasty cake for my mom’s birthday. A friend recommended Amanda’s Oven and after checking the Facebook page, I liked what I saw online and ordered without taste-testing.

Brave me ordered two items – this 6″ x 6″ mocha chiffon cake with mocha buttercream frosting . . .

Mocha Buttercream Cake
Mocha Buttercream Cake

. . . and this Medium Floral Basket – 24 mocha cupcakes with double espresso ganache filling, which were delivered directly at the venue.

Medium Floral Basket

This floral basket was a big hit among the guests!

Medium Floral Basket

After the party, I knew that I found my favorite cake designer.

Happily, my hubby surprised me with this gorgeous mocha drip cake during my birthday that same year!

Mocha Drip Cake

It was an 8″ x 8″ fleurelle mocha chiffon drip cake with mocha buttercream, dark chocolate ganache filling, dark chocolate gold drip and mocha/vanilla buttercream roses. YUM!

Mocha Drip Cake

I took so many pictures of this cake because anything this gorgeous should be photographed! Just typing out the description makes me want to eat some again.

Mocha Drip Cake

During my mom’s birthday in 2019, I ordered a two-tier mocha cake with buttercream colored Austin roses. The cake had double espresso chocolate ganache filling and mocha latte buttercream.

For my pandemic birthday last year, my husband surprised me again with this Mocha Cube Cake with double espresso ganache filling and cafe latte frosting. It’s my first time to ever have a cube cake, so I didn’t even know where to start slicing!

Mocha Cube Cake

Check out the fancy gum paste flowers!

Mocha Cube Cake

Then there was this cute little double espresso cake for my mom’s birthday last year.

Double Espresso Cake

Not only does Amanda’s Oven make custom cakes, but they offer cupcakes and cookies too! For Christmas 2019, I ordered some strawberry cream and chocolate vanilla cupcakes.

Christmas Cupcakes

I also gave these Christmas cookies as a gift. Just too cute to be eaten!

Christmas Cookies | 📷: Amanda’s Oven

There you have it, a gallery of what I’ve bought from Amanda’s Oven all in one post. I just made it obvious how mocha cake is my all-time favorite cake. 😄

You know how some cakes look great, but taste disappointing? Then other cakes look boring, yet taste awesome. Jinky’s masterpieces are almost too beautiful to eat, but her works of art taste as good as it looks. Of course, she makes these sophisticated creations with sweet price tags. You gotta pay a pretty penny for excellent quality, after all.

Oh, and I can already think of reasons to buy her custom cakes this year. 😉

Amanda’s Oven
Phone: 0967 288 1518
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