I love seeking out new food trucks and going to food festivals. However, I’ve been avoiding food truck festivals since our experience during a food truck festival back in 2014 was a bit off (I blogged about it here). Sure, that was a first-time effort, all part of growing pains but for the longest time, it didn’t seem worth the effort. I was happy and content going to where the food trucks were, instead of seeing them all in one place.

Then came the recent Newtown Food Truck Festival in Newtown, CT. It was close enough to us that missing it seems silly. A local food festival deserves support, right? Plus, it was for the benefit of The Chamber of Commerce of Newtown, Inc., Newtown Parks and Recreation and NYA Sports & Fitness Center in Newtown, Connecticut. So why not go?

We got there minutes past 11 AM. There were plenty of food trucks that day. According to their Facebook page, there were 22. I didn’t count to verify.

On our way there, I knew what I wanted – grilled cheese sandwich from Whey Station. They’re usually in Middletown, CT. Quite a distance from where I am. I wanted to try their food for the longest time. Now that they were close enough, I wasn’t going to miss my chance!

Then came this menu, which got me conflicted. I didn’t even know which one to try!

I chose their Nola with five different cheeses, spicy andouille sausage, pickled jalapenos and chipotle aioli. Spicy! It was love at first bite. Now I have to seek you out again, Whey Station!

Then it was off to Chompers to try their “crunchy balls of goodness”. Who can say no to that?

There were two choices – Bacon Cheeseburger chomper or Chicken Parm. I got the latter. Yep, they were right. “Crunchy balls of goodness” was an accurate description!

Here’s the two of us with the food. We stopped taking pictures afterwards because I’m trying my best to practice the whole “enjoy the moment” thing. Which translates to “put that darn phone away!”

My favorite Donut Crazy was there (I blogged about it before here). It was great seeing DrewbaQ Food Truck. Even Poutine Gourmet did not disappoint, as usual. We skipped Rice and Beans because they’re trackable here in Danbury.

We were there so early that food was a-plenty. Even better, parking was free. The lines per truck weren’t so bad and we got our food order pretty quickly considering there were so many people. There was also live music.

A cloudy day gets better when you’re at a festival, especially when it’s a food festival!

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