It was my niece’s graduation party today.

Two days ago, I received a text from her requesting for my cupcakes. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and milk chocolate frosting. How could I say no? But it’s the second time that my cupcakes will be on display for the general public to consume. This time, I had to bake 50. For a party. Yikes!

I was both excited and nervous. I love baking cupcakes and decorating them is just too much fun. Then mild panic kicked in over the smallest things. Did I have enough cupcake pans to make 50? Do we have the ingredients on hand? How am I going to display the cupcakes? How can we bring the cupcakes to the park? (It was an outdoor party in the park.) Any chance the frosting will melt in the heat? Dear Lord, please let the temperatures be nice to my little cupcakes!

After taking deep breaths, I realized that I have two cupcake pans. There was no way that I’ll bake both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes at the same time, so I don’t need two more cupcake pans. As for the ingredients, we’ve got a full stock of my baking stuff. Displaying the cupcakes? Solved by going to Walmart and buying a Wilton dessert stand. Bringing the cupcakes to the park? I had one cupcake carrier that holds 24 cupcakes. What about the rest? We went to HomeGoods and bought another carrier. Was it a waste of money buying both the dessert stand and the cupcake carrier? Nah, I’m sure that I’ll get to use those things again. Melting frosting in the heat? Didn’t happen. The weather, thankfully, cooperated big time.

And the cupcakes? My niece said it was a big hit among her friends. God bless teenagers and their sweet teeth.]

2014 Graduation Cupcakes
2014 Graduation Cupcakes

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