The Green Grunion describes itself as “. . .primarily a San Diego style Burrito truck that provides the fine people of the greater Danbury area (and beyond) a TRUE burrito done the San Diego way. . .right!” It has been rolling around Connecticut for quite sometime now.

Ever since I found out about this food truck, I’ve been monitoring their whereabouts since summer by following their Twitter profile. I finally got lucky when I read that the truck was in Kenosia Park.

If you see this truck around, then go try their food!
If you see this truck around, then try their food!

Here’s The Green Grunion menu. Just seven types of burritos. Obviously a believer in keeping it simple.

The Green Grunion menu
The Green Grunion menu

I ordered Carnitas while hubby wanted The Cali. We also got some nachos to go with our food.

The Cali and Carnitas
Top left: Carnitas. Bottom right: The Cali

Luckily, we didn’t wait long because we went there after the lunch hour crowd. Hubby and I split each burrito, so we can both taste each one. Both burritos were freshly cooked to order. We ate it first without sauce then with sauce (he had the hot sauce; I went for the medium one). I made quite a mess while eating, but oh well, that’s what paper napkins are for.

After eating, I introduced myself as a food blogger to the owner, Paul Mannion, and gave him my card. When I took his picture, he posed with it!

The Green Grunion's Paul Mannion holding up the SnapHappy Foodie contact card!
The Green Grunion’s Paul Mannion holding up the SnapHappy Foodie contact card!

Tracking down The Green Grunion was like a game of hide and seek. Here’s a tip: just follow them in Twitter (@TheGreenGrunion). Their Twitter updates are pretty good.

I managed to chat with Paul after eating (in case you’re wondering, we paid for our food). Found out he was from Bethel who moved to San Diego then moved back here. He’s relatively new in the business, hence the “green” in the name. Grunion has sentimental reasons for this guy – it’s both the nickname of his dad and a reminder of grunion runs he saw in San Diego. He’s very friendly and really enthusiastic with what he’s doing. He obviously takes great pride in what he does. He mentioned that he also serves breakfast, so that’s something we’ll try soon.

Verdict: Danbury doesn’t lack places that serve burritos, but this local food truck’s got our thumbs-up! Kudos to this local guy for giving us a taste of San Diego-style burritos. Eating great burrito while sitting outdoors at the park can’t be beat. We can’t wait to try the rest!

Kenosia Park
Danbury, CT

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