Food Finds: Lobster Rolls from Deep Sea Eats | Quezon City, Philippines

Food Finds: Lobster Rolls from Deep Sea Eats | Quezon City, Philippines

I wouldn’t have heard of Deep Sea Eats if not for my sister who found them on Instagram. She told me about them on March 17 and I messaged Deep Sea Eats that same day. I didn’t order for same-day consumption though; I scheduled it for that coming Saturday.

Yes, I have truly missed eating lobster rolls, but a DIY lobster kit? What on earth is that all about? My curiosity was piqued.

Lobster rolls are one of my summertime favorites in the U.S. Since we lived in Connecticut for two decades (plus some odd years in New York), I was lucky enough to have easy access to Connecticut-style lobster rolls. Happily, when the craving for Maine-style lobster roll kicks in, Maine was about 4-5 hours away. In case you’re wondering what’s the difference between the two, if it’s cold with mayonnaise, it’s Maine-style. If it’s hot with butter, it’s Connecticut-style. Lobster rolls were such a favorite that I even blogged about the “8 Delicious Spots for Lobster Rolls in Maine & Connecticut” back in 2017.

Here in the Philippines, I do know that there’s a popular place in Makati to get lobster rolls from, but it takes forever to book a rider from Makati to Quezon City, so I’m saving that for another time. I was only too happy when I learned Deep Sea Eats was located here in Quezon City. Once I received confirmation that the lobster kits were ready for pick-up, booking a rider was easy peasy.

The DIY lobster roll kit looked like this.

No fanfare. No unnecessary packaging. Just a box with a sticker label. Love it. Anything that’s overly packaged, I usually take issue with because those excess packaging will just add more waste to the world. Yuck.

Anyway, here’s what it looked like inside the box.

Then I took a platter to put my lobster roll together and I ended up with this fine thing!

It somehow reminded me of the Rocky Point Amazing Lobster Roll that I had from Rocky Point Clam Shack in Warwick, RI years ago.

Verdict: Kudos to Deep Sea Eats for coming up with a DIY Lobster Roll Kit that does not skimp on lobster meat. You can even see the claw meat! The buttered bun was not the New England hot dog roll, but who’s complaining? Not me. They also included seaweed and bonito flakes as toppings as well as lettuce for that touch of crunch. The lobster roll was delicious and easy to prepare from that DIY kit. While the roll is neither Connecticut nor Maine style, I’m still glad that they gave us something we’ve missed for so long!

Now if only I can find clam strips here.