My husband and I finally started the DASH diet last Saturday. I mentioned it in a previous post. After reading The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution: 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds, Boost Metabolism, and Get Healthy (A DASH Diet Book), I tried to weasel my way out of it (no rice? oh no!), even wanted to start on February 1st.

But what’s the point of putting it off? I gained weight when I started working in the hospital. No amount of kickboxing made the weight budge. But when my weight gain nearly reached 10 pounds, I had to try something else. I bought this DASH Diet Book, read it and we were well on our way.

First day was just pure misery for me. That day’s menu consisted of tuna salad (I’m not a fan of tuna) with a side of cherry tomatoes (not a fan of uncooked tomatoes), PLUS a small side salad with Italian dressing (Italian dressing? ugh!). The menus weren’t set in stone, but we decided to follow the book. Of course, I never realized how dependent I was on bread and rice until then. I lounged on our couch, whining about how hungry I was. Even food that I don’t ordinarily miss (chocolate, cupcakes, cakes), I wanted that day. All I can think of was food. Like a junkie on withdrawal. I’d read the book and whine about the menu plans per day.

Possibly because I was being such a baby, my husband was determination personified.

To my surprise though, the next few days were better. Snacking on cheese sticks and wedges, baby carrots, peppers, tomatoes and nuts were becoming easier. Sure, I’d mumble, “rabbit food” but I ate them anyway. Hubby and I spent after-dinner time preparing our food for the next day. Then I realized that maybe doing the whole bento thing would be a good idea. If we’re eating healthy, maybe we can make it look good too.

Two days ago, a coworker told me, “every time I pass by your desk, you’re eating.” “yeah, I have to.” Then I told her about the diet – eating breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, before-dinner snack (optional), and dinner. Curious, she and another officemate checked out my lunch and couldn’t believe how healthy it looked. She DID ask me why I’m on a diet, “you’re a wee little thing”. Just said it’s mostly trying to stave off heart disease, high pressure, and all that. Attempting to eat healthy in the name of good health.

So now, not only are we doing this diet, we’ll also be experimenting with making healthy bentos. I think it’s a definite win.

On to Day 8 tomorrow…

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