Yummy Experiment #55: Crock Pot Bread

Yummy Experiment #55: Crock Pot Bread

Making Crock Pot Bread was a spur-of-the-moment decision yesterday. After preparing some bread dough, I was all set to work with it, even if I wasn’t sure what to make. Perhaps a simple bread loaf? But my crock pot was calling to me. Bread in a crock pot? That sounds like the idea of an actual crackpot. All bets were off until I read this. It was possible, but would it taste good? I was ready to wimp out trying this method.

However, I realized that staying at home under community quarantine was a good time for more baking experiments (subject to the availability of ingredients). After all, there was a year (2014) when all I did was bake after dinner practically every other day! I probably needed intervention for baking so much.  😁😆 Cranberry Nut Bread was my first baking experiment, followed by other breads like Crusty White Sandwich Loaf, Boule, Couronne, Ciabatta, Batard, Buttermilk Bread, Vermont Cheddar Bread, Soft American-Style White Bread, Pandesal, Light Whole Wheat Bread, Focaccia, Brioche Loaf, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Soft Dinner Rolls, even Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls. I also baked some cakes, cookies, quiches, pies, etcetera but I was focused on bread. Like all experiments, there were successes and fails. So what’s another bread baking experiment? Go for it, even if making bread in a crock pot seemed like a recipe for disaster.

So I did, even if yesterday was a particularly humid day that my bread dough ended up so sticky and wet. I couldn’t shape the darn thing into a ball. I already knew that adding more flour to it, while adding structure into the doughy mess, won’t result in good bread. It was also too late to reduce the liquid, so I tried my best to use what I had. As you can see, it’s nowhere near as smooth as other bread doughs pre-bake.

After placing my bread dough inside the pot, I turned it up on HIGH. My crock pot tended to run on the hot side, so I started checking in on the bread after 45 minutes. Overall, the bread was there for 1.5 hours. It came out looking like this.

It was like a humongous steamed siopao! My concern that it wasn’t a smooth ball didn’t matter. It became a soft bread similar to mantau, but with a crisp bottom. We could’ve eaten the bread already, but I wanted a matching crispy top crust.

I transferred the bread to my oven set at 400°F (220°C) for 10 minutes. When it was done, it looked like a serious bread to reckon with – a golden-crusted crock pot white bread. YUM!

Crock Pot Bread

After I took it out of the oven, it made low-key crackling sounds, especially when I placed it on the rack to cool down. It took much self-discipline for us not to slice the bread. Fresh bread is just irresistible, right?

Crock Pot Bread

Finally we were able to slice it. What looked like a serious bread crust really was crispy!

Crock Pot Bread

Now, am I going to make this bread again?

Most definitely! This surprising way of making bread resulted in a warm soft-on-the-inside homemade bread that is far too easy to devour in one sitting. For those who love a good crust on their breads, popping it in the oven for a few minutes will work wonders.

If you’ve got a crock pot and some flour, yeast, salt and water, then you should definitely try making bread this way.

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