My upcoming baking experiment will round up the 20 that Lynn challenged me to bake. I’ve baked cream puffs, ensaymada, chocolate chip cookies, angel food cake and pan de sal, although the ensaymada and angel food cake didn’t appear in my Facebook album. I did both on the same day, so taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. Tomorrow, I’ll bake ensaymada just for Facebook purposes.

Now, will I continue baking after my 20th project?

Most definitely.

I’ll focus on cupcakes, cookies and bread in the meantime. Since I started baking, we’ve stopped buying bread and I intend to keep baking ’em. I also want to learn how to make Philippine breads like mamon, monay,and others listed here. Hopefully, I’ll find good recipes online. *crosses fingers* I didn’t realize how much kneading went into ensaymada until I made some. I expect the other Filipino breads require much kneading too. Now I’ve got so much respect for Filipino panaderias.

I’d like to create my own baking corner here at home. I’ve been eyeing this Ikea Utby table with its stainless steel top. It’s perfect for kneading dough and seems easy to clean. I found it in Craigslist for half the price, but darn seller hasn’t responded to my e-mail yet. It will be mine!

This morning, I reorganized our kitchen because my baking pans were stored in open shelves in our dining room. Which bothers me every time I see it because I get paranoid about dust. Of course I wash my pans before using them, but still. Today, I opened all the kitchen cabinets and drawers to see which stuff can be moved around. Turns out our oven had a bottom drawer (who knew?), so I cleaned it out and put the pans inside!

Yeah, those are my knees while I knelt on the floor.

There are still three pans that wouldn’t fit, but at least most of ’em are together. This discovery pleased me so much. No need to buy storage!

So that’s what’s happening with my baking lately. I hope that I’ll get that table!


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