Last weekend, hubby and I met with some of my friends in the city. Days leading up to the get-together was fraught with difficulty. With so many restaurants to choose from, where will we go to eat? Eventually, we settled on City Kitchen at Row NYC, a food market in the heart of Midtown NYC where we can choose different food in one place. By the way, I only took pictures of our food. I didn’t want to delay them from eating their food. Anyway. . .

Ever tried Phoenician Fries and Falafel Korean from City Kitchen’s ilili Box? My curiosity was piqued by “Phoenician” and “Falafel Korean”. Say what?


Here’s the Falafel Korean.


I expected it to be an interesting mix of Korean and Mediterranean flavors. I tried to like it, but it didn’t work for my palate. How could it be? Sadly, I ate only half of it.

Now here’s the solo shot of the nicely seasoned fries again. This one was pretty good!


Despite the hot weather, hubby ordered Kuro Obi‘s Kuro Modern ramen. He ate in silence and finished his bowl of ramen. I guess it was tasty! Too bad I didn’t try it.


Hubby also bought two donuts from Dough. Here’s the Mocha Almond Crunch donut.


Here’s the Plain Glazed donut.


Both donuts were just perfect. No complaints.

Verdict: Seating can be hit-or-miss depending on the time. When we went there, we got lucky and sat near the big wide glass window. . .yay!

If you need to grab a bite to eat or get take-out food, City Kitchen has an array of dishes to choose from. Located in the second floor of Row NYC, City Kitchen offers a very casual dining experience with your choice of nine food vendors. Choose wisely!

City Kitchen
Row NYC, 700 8th Avenue New York, NY 10036


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